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“I am very excited about Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, the brand’s innovative technology is exciting and the food is delicious……..
“A teaspoon of inspiration, a glass 1/2 full of motivation, a handful of dedication to details, 3 generations of ambitious drive, and a whole lotta of Love, is what I’d call a recipe for success.”
“Hearing the story of how this concept came to life, along with embracing the over 100 years of collective restauranteurship that Stratis brings to this QSR was enough to know this is a winner. I am very excited to be a part of the evolution of one my favorite foods and having the opportunity to bring it to my home state of New Jersey.”
Nick Desai (NJ State BDS Franchisee)
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“After opening my first shop in Staten Island I have now expanded to Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County & UES Manhattan going from 3 shops to 20.  Love this brand”. 
 Imer Cami (Franchisee) 
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“We just opened our first of five Brooklyn Dumpling Shops in Queens. As first time QSR owners it was definitely a learning curve to own, open and operate this business. However with corporate help from leaders such as Michael and Peter we successfully reached our opening goals. Our state of the art tech is next level, operating with no issues and is very appealing to our customer base. One thing we can tell you is that we look forward to opening our second Queens location by the end of the year.”
Jose Marrero & Jonathan Molina
Queens Franchise Owners
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    opens in a new window stratis-morfogen-Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to Open 100 Stores in Canada
    Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to Open 100 Stores in Canada

    Our Story

    Stratis Morfogen is an established restaurateur who has handcrafted 32 delicious flavors of dumplings to be served in a 24hour automat. The entire concept is touchless and contact-free keeping customers and staff safe while being able to deliver consistent hot and fresh food. It’s the first dumpling franchise to go completely touch-free.
    Utilizing the once common Automat allows the brand to keep customers and employees safe by eliminating a point of contact but also regulate the temperature of each locker ensuring food stays piping hot or drinks perfectly chilled. Customers will receive a unique code on their phone which opens only their lockers. This ensures the correct food is taken every time and makes it fast and easy for third-party delivery services. Customers are able to order online or at self-sanitizing kiosks in-store.
    This revolutionary concept has shaken the QSR industry and is on track to reach its goals to open 500 units in the next 5 years are underway. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will be in every train station, airport, strip mall, and shopping center in the top mass media markets both nationally and worldwide.

    Stratis Morfogen


    Franchise Advantage

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    Unique Concept

    Unique Automat concept and flavor combinations set us apart from the competition
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    Available in Retail Stores

    Frozen Brooklyn Dumpling Shop dumplings available nationwide increase brand awareness and revenue streams
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    Contactless Format

    Customer and employee safety is built in with contactless and touchless ordering and food pick-up
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    Custom Food Locker Design

    The custom food locker is convenient for customers and flexible enough to fit in spaces from 400 to 1,200 sq. ft.
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    Drinks to Go

    You won’t miss out on liquor sales with the custom to-go drink packaging

    The Numbers (Domestic)




    Full $40,000 franchise fee 1-3 units (or 1-5 for 10+ units), 50% deposit each additional unit


    6% of Gross Sales


    2% of Gross Sales


    1% of Gross Sales


    $413,000 – $769,500

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    Target Franchisee

    Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is seeking franchisees that are focused on exceptional operations and customer service and looking to build multi-unit franchise territories. Franchisees must demonstrate substantial business experience and possess a true passion for the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop concept.
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    Franchise Requirements

    Operational experience in the restaurant business is a plus, but not required assuming a professional General Manager will be part of your team. Prospective Franchisees must meet the minimum requirements below to be consider for a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop franchise.
    • $1MM net worth*
    • $500K liquid capital available for investment*
    • Ready to begin development within the next 3-6 months
    • Ready to develop a minimum five unit territory in a major U.S. area
    *Investment partners may contribute to this requirement

    Franchise Support

    Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is committed to ensuring impeccable operations at every location. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop provides our franchise partners with the all the resources and support necessary to continually succeed and grow.
    Support provided to franchisee includes:
    • Real estate / site selection
    • Store build-out, construction
    • Training systems
    • Operational support
    • Recipe & menu development
    • Marketing & brand building
    • Vendor & equipment selection
    • Point of Sale system
    • Pre-opening, grand opening support

    Become a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Franchisee in 30-Days

    STEP 1

    Submit an Inquiry Form (Today!)

    STEP 2

    Speak with Franchise Development Director (within 24 hours)

    STEP 3

    Submit the Franchise Application (2 days)

    STEP 4

    Review Application with Franchise Development Director (3 days)

    STEP 5

    Receive & review Franchise Disclosure Document with Franchise Development Director (5 days)

    STEP 6

    Schedule Discovery Day with Franchisor (14 days)

    STEP 7

    Execute letter of intent (16 days)

    STEP 8

    Become a Franchisee! (30 days)